Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Link Building : Basics

Link Building is central to an effective search engine optimization & marketing campaign. It is not only important that you have a lot of incoming links to your website, but also high quality links. The emphasis on quality of incoming links is because on page factors can easily be manipulated. This, however, is not the issue with links.

Link Building involves both time and analysis. Businesses must ensure that their incoming links are authority links- a term used to describe links from popular (high ranking) websites. Blogging has also shown positive results in building links. Social Networking, due to its wide reach and popularity, can also be considered for link building.

The advantages of link building are too many. For instance, it helps draw Quality traffic from websites that are relevant. Also, it gives you immense search engine exposure. It also contributes to search engine indexing.

Monday, August 24, 2009

SEO Basics

Search engine optimization or SEO can be defined as a strategy that focuses on improving traffic quality to a website from various search engines through organic search results. As a general rule, a website that appears at the top of a search engine result would have higher hits. There are a number of search types that Search Engine Optimization can focus on viz. local search, image, local search, and industry-specific search.

SEO explains the working methodology of search engines and search patterns of Internet users. Website optimization encompasses three major factors: content editing, HTML editing and coding. Black Hat SEO techniques, also known as Spamdexing, should be avoided by all means. Search Engines ban websites that employ black hat seo techniques.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Windows Vista SP 1

Microsoft has always been releasing service packs for its windows operating systems to fix minor glitch and add various features. A little more than a year after its release, on February 4, 2008 Microsoft released Windows Vista Service Pack 1(SP1). The newly released Service pack may solve some of the performance glitches that have annoyed Vista users. Service Pack 1 will be available to current Windows Vista users by mid-March via Windows update. The corporation is also planning to have SP1 integrated into Windows Vista at retail as well, but there is no given timeline on how quickly it will be done. Windows Vista SP1 will arrive in one of three ways. Most users will automatically receive the update via Windows Update. Users with limited or no Internet connectivity or who need to update more than one PC will be able to download a complete image of Windows Vista SP1 via DVD. And, finally, volume license customers (enterprises) will receive an integrated DVD media package for installation on new PCs.
What’s good with Windows Vista SP1 is that it improves the overall upgrade process, fixes hundreds of tiny problems, and makes it easier for third-party vendors to write stable code for Vista, but failed to significantly increase performance.
SP1 doesn't resolve some of the most annoying flaws in Vista, including slow start-ups and reboots, and a security system that nags you too much and requires add-on anti-virus software.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Big Daddy Of Internet Security Suites

Kaspersky is another one of the many anti-virus makers that’s gone the complete Internet security system way—not a Bad thing. The suite takes care of all your security worries—files, mail, system network security, etc. All the basic controls for the components can be accessed from the main two-pane layout window.
Modifying settings means you go to another window which houses all the settings for the components, and there are plenty of them. The core anti-virus feature is standard and allows you to scan files and folders along with boot sectors, Registry, memory, startup programs, etc. The Anti-spam has a nifty training feature that learns by looking at mails in your mailbox through a Wizard to provide more accurate spam protection. The firewall monitors for incoming and outgoing threats and notifies you immediately. Any attacks targeted at your computer can be set to have the attacker’s machine blocked for a set period of time. The firewall also takes care of the blocking of ad banners and pop-ups from Web sites as well. The parental control is useful in not only stopping access to inappropriate sites, but also in setting limitations on time spent at the computer and on the Internet. User accounts on Windows can be set to Parent, Teenager, or Child and by default, all users are set to Child. Strictness of all the features can be adjusted using a slider. At the same time, manual changes can be made. This is especially useful for spam filtering, parental control and the firewall. Heuristic scanning is available in most of the modules, but not enabled in all of them by default. The help file doesn’t carry any screenshots, but the explanation is adequate and easy to understand.
Kaspersky’s Internet Security Suite is a pretty good choice for anyone looking for a complete security solution—it’s right up there with the best security suites money can buy. There are no missing features, and everything is implemented well. New users might be a little confused by all the terms and huge list of options, though.
More about Kaspersky here.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Pull Her Dog Tags Mate......

XFX’s “serious gamer” Alpha Dog Edition is here, featuring all the 128 shader units it’s supposed to. The only thing that distinguishes this card from the GTX/ Ultra models is the 256 bit memory interface. The card features a core factory overclocked to 678 MHz (the default core speed is 650 MHz), and here’s where the fun begins- the core is now faster than an 8800 GTX, and the scores show it. Shader clocks are also up to 1700 MHz from the default 1625 MHz. Of course the 8800 GTS Alpha Dog still has restriction of 16 ROPs (Raster Operations), as opposed to the 24 ROPs on GTX/ Ultra cards.

Nevertheless this card has some serious horsepower, and runs noticeably cooler than 8800 GTX and Ultra cards; it’s a little shorter, too- 9.5 inches as opposed to 11 inches on the older cards. Priced lower than its older sibling, running cooler and basically having less power requirements seems like the XFX 8800GTS 512 Alpha Dog Edition has all the accolades in its kitty. Lost planet is a sweet bundle. At $ 300, the XFX is costly now. Yes its $ 125 cheaper than the GTX series of GPUs but the new 8800GT core changes things considerably. Eighty-five percent of the performance at nearly sixty percent price! This card is a mite too expensive to be of any use to the discerning gamer who will likely buy two 8800 GTs for a little more than the price of a single 8800 GTS, and use them in an SLI setup.

Specifications: Core clock: 678 MHz, Shader clock: 1700 MHz, Memory clock: 986 MHz, Memory interface: 256 bit, Memory bandwidth: 63.1 GB/s, Shader units: 128
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